Welcome to Santa Rosa Women’s Health & Birth Center—a full scope midwifery practice and freestanding birth center serving Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, and surrounding areas.

What is a full scope midwifery practice?  We are certified nurse midwives who:

  • provide care during pregnancy and labor;
  • deliver babies at our birth center [or within the hospital];
  • provide postpartum & breastfeeding support services to you and baby at the center or hospital and at your home;  and
  • offer comprehensive, holistic well-woman health care throughout a woman’s lifespan.

The midwives at Santa Rosa Women’s Health & Birth Center believe:

  • for most women, pregnancy is a state of health—a normal process that should be recognized and celebrated;
  • All care—whether well-woman or pregnancy-related—should be individualized to each woman’s unique physical, social, spiritual, and emotional needs;
  • women should be active participants in their care, working with their midwives, deciding where and what type of birth is best for themselves and their family;
  • midwives are here to guide you—with trust, respect, and support—through safe and satisfying births and on-going health care.