Baby Stories


Baby Stories


Everything I needed, every question I had, you all were there with information as well as a smile and a hug!  I loved everyone at the birth center.  And, I will never forget the wonderful experience I had with you. –Brittany


Every pregnancy is unique and fill of happiness and maybe full of some fears, too.  The Birth Center makes me feel so comfortable.  My fears about labor diminished throughout the months because of how great the midwives treated me.  And in labor, the midwife did an awesome job.  Just seeing her there with me made me feel safe.  She made me feel that “everything was going to be ok.”  It was wonderful.  Thank you!  -Mayra


I could not have asked for a better experience.  I was comfortable the moment I stepped in the door and saw the midwife’s face.  I felt like I was at home with my family the entire time.  The whole birth experience was beyond words.  Willow came into this world with such care and love.  I can’t wait to share the story with her.  –Jacquie


Everyone in the office was 100% on my team and in my corner.  The overall groundedness and practicality of the midwives kept me calm with matter-of-fact advice and genuine care and concern.  –Shay


This was my first natural birth after 3 hospital births.  The experience was amazing.  The staff was friendly and helpful on every level.  The midwife coached my through a painful back labor.  I felt safe and confident in the entire process of have a baby.  I am blessed beyond measure by my experience at the birth center.  –Robin


All the midwives were very knowledgeable and informative on every issue I encountered.  The midwife was so calm and patient during delivery; I felt completely confident in her ability.  The facility was cozy and comfortable, spotless.  I had a beautiful birthing experience with the Birth Center.  –Kristine


This was my first child, and I was nervous at first, but thanks to this group of well-educated women, I was able to become not only excited, educated, and at ease, but truly informed, delighted and in control of my fortune.  They gave me the courage and power to believe in my unborn baby’s abilities, as well as my own.  I was truly blessed to have had the birth center experience.  I am grateful for the midwives’ foresight and years of experience.  Thank you so much! -Victoria


We had an amazing experience at the Birth Center.  We feel honored and blessed to have had this option and opportunity to have a natural and peaceful birth experience.  I felt very at ease with the midwives and that I was listened to and respected.  We felt supported and taken care of all along the journey.  Many thanks to you all!  -Shannon