What Is A Birth Center

Birth Center

A birth center is an independent, homelike facility that works within the larger health care system to provide family-centered care for healthy, low-risk women before, during and after normal pregnancy, labor, and birth.  At our center, care is provided by certified nurse midwives in collaboration with our physician colleagues at Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital.

Our Birth Center is specially equipped for a laboring family’s needs.  With a focus on comfort and safety, Birth center follows many practices that decrease the need for medical intervention and reduce complications, such as:

  • Tubs for laboring & waterbirth;
  • Natural, rather than chemical, pain control;
  • Intermittent, rather than continuous, fetal monitoring;
  • Trusting labor to begin and proceed on your body’s timetable (within normal limits);
  • Freedom to move and eat/drink as desired throughout labor; and
  • Avoiding routine procedures like episiotomies or routine rupture of the bag of waters to hasten the onset of labor.

Additionally, Birth Centers honor the special bonding that occurs in the first moments after birth with practices such as delayed cord clamping, immediate and continuous skin-to-skin contact, delayed cleaning and weighing, and the involvement of family members, as the mom desires.  Santa Rosa Women’s Health & Birth Center is proud to be the only Baby Friendly healthcare facility in the North Bay area.