Core Values

Our Core Values—Trust, Respect, & Support

At Santa Rosa Birth Center, we trust:

  • your body to do what is needed;
  • your birth to be normal until proven otherwise;
  • your intuition to tell us what you need;
  • our skills to keep you and your baby healthy and safe

We respect:

  • you, as a unique woman, mother, partner, and human being;
  • your family into which your baby is being born;
  • your ability to make decisions about your body, your birth and your baby;
  • the knowledge and efforts of colleagues who are our partners in providing your care.

We support you, the women and families who come to us, by:

  • providing sensitive, evidence-based midwifery care that we continually improve by advancing our skills and knowledge of pregnancy, birth, and women’s health;
  • educating you to make decisions about your body and birth;
  • advocating for your desires when you receive care outside the Birth Center;
  • allowing  you time for conversation, questions, and connection with the midwives and our staff.